Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa

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May 09 2014 31 mins  

If there’s one state where politics never turns off, it’s Iowa. And while preparations for the next Iowa Caucus seem to start the day the current Caucus ends, there is, perhaps, a more interesting new development on the Iowa horizon – for the first time since 1984, the state is about to elect a new Senator.With Sen. Tom Harkin’s decision not to run for a sixth term, Iowa is suddenly another key player in the biggest theme of Midterm 2014 – the battle for U.S. Senate control. How is the state leaning? Could the seat actually be up for grabs? And who will represent Republicans: A pig-castrating, gun-range visiting state senator or a former Fortune 500 CEO who has returned to his home state to try and steal a victory?Few follow Iowa politics more closely than Radio Iowa News Director Kay Henderson, who, as her bio points out, was born on Election Day.