Episode 004: The Taste of Now

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Mar 02 2020 6 mins  

This episode is about how a delicious Thai dish can be a signpost to the present moment through novel sensory perception.

The day after I finished this episode, I was on a photoshoot. I came home tired and, because the location was an old factory, very dirty. I really needed a shower. But, the content of the podcast was still bubbling around in my subconscious.

I got in shower, turned on the warm water and when I stepped into the warm, soothing water, I said, “Ahhh!”. Then I, the real “I” became aware of sound my body had made, then the wonderful feeling of the water. Somehow, without invoking thought, I was able to just “stay there” and feel the joy of that moment.

When the moment ended, I laughed and laughed.

Music:“Dreams Electric” by Geographer“Rising Sun” by DivKid

Old Phuket Town, which I mention in this podcast is one of my favorite places in Phuket. It is the vibrant heart of the island. Here is a video that I made about Phuket Town. Hope you enjoy it!