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Oct 01 2018 38 mins  

In the globalized travel environment of today, it is
sometimes easy to forget that some groups of travelers have long been and are
still yet sometimes marginalized during their travels. The #travelingwhileblack
movement has grown to connect travelers who are interested in addressing marginalization
and other issues faced by black travelers in the U.S. and abroad. My guest
today is Dr. Alana Dillette, an assistant professor at San Diego State
University. Dr. Dillette has recently
conducted several studies focusing on the #travelingwhileblack movement, and
has attempted to understand the lived experiences of black travelers through
their social media posts and interviews with travelers and travel companies.
Her research has shown that while some destinations or organizations may still
be less than friendly to people of color, travel now more than ever is providing
opportunities for hosts and guests to interact and expand their historical and
cultural world views. She has also found that social media provides an avenue of
communication for travelers that may have previously been disconnected from
each other to share their experiences.