Do anticipated social media likes influence where we travel?

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Jun 15 2018 42 mins  
Think about the images you’re bombarded with every day on social media. Chances are, you’ve got friends, family, and random celebrities constantly posting pictures of themselves in larger than life travel destinations across the globe, doing anything but the mundane tasks we all engage in during the vast majority of our days at home and work. It turns out, people may actually be traveling to those destinations we see on social media specifically because they think you’ll like their posts. In this episode, The Trip Doctor interviews Dr. Bynum Boley about his findings from a paper titled: “Social return and intent to travel” in the journal Tourism Management. In this study, Dr. Boley asked the question: does the number of likes or comments we think we’ll get on a picture of our travels influence the places that we go? It turns out, it does.