Height Keech of Cold Rhymes Label

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Feb 14 2020 44 mins  
Baltimore is for Artists, Baltimore is for creators. Rob Lee from the mighty, MTR Podcasts, is here to highlight Baltimore artists. This podcast is an opportunity to authentically highlight Baltimore artists - getting to the truth in this art. This episode Rob Lee interviews Height Keech of Cold Rhymes Records. This interview is a follow-up of sorts with the success of Rob's interview with 83 Cutlass. Height is a veteran MC and founder of record label, Cold Rhymes Records. Check out this great conversation about rap in Baltimore. This is a must-listen interview. Listen to an earlier episode where Rob Lee interviews 83 Cutlass Listen to Height Keech on Cold Rhymes Records. Do remember to check out all the podcasts on MTR The Network including Unofficially Black and Mastermind Team's Robcast. We're a Baltimore based podcast collective. We're here to be a voice in and around Baltimore city.