Lindsey Golden of The Golden Dance Experiment

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Mar 06 2020 53 mins  
Baltimore is for artists, Baltimore is for creators, Baltimore is for entrepreneurs. On this week’s episode of Getting to The Truth in This Art, Lindsey Golden of the Golden Dance Experiment joins Rob Lee to talk about dance, art and life in Baltimore. From her beginnings as a 3 year old student of ballet, Lindsey has always had a deep love for dancing. Her love would lead her to studying in London and DC until she moved to Baltimore for school. While studying at the University of Baltimore, she decided to gamble on herself, chasing her one true passion instead of a law degree. Now, she runs her own studio alongside her husband, teaching the next generation of dancers and dreamers. Lindsey’s story is a triumph for anyone too scared to chase a dream. Betting on yourself is always worth it if you’re pursuing something you love! Later, Lindsey answers questions involving life lessons, hidden talents, serious injuries and challenging dance moves. Will Rob become a future student of modern dance? Tune in and get into the groove! Follow Lindsey and The Golden Dance Experiment on Facebook for more information on classes and up-coming events! Listen to an earlier episode where Rob Lee interviews Aaron Dante of No Pix After Dark. Do remember to check out all the podcasts on MTR The Network includes Mastermind Team's Robcast. We're a Baltimore based podcast collective. We're here to be a voice in and around Baltimore city.