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Mar 13 2020 45 mins  
Baltimore is for artists, Baltimore is for creators, Baltimore is for entrepreneurs. In this week’s episode of Getting To The Truth In This Art, DJ Ducky Dynamo stops by to talk music, curse words and local flavor! From her beginnings in Park Heights, Ducky Dynamo has always found beauty in her city. Her eclectic taste in music and love for local radio would lead her down a path that took her from college to the stage. Now, Ducky is amongst the top DJs in Baltimore, creating and inspiring the next generation of musicians. Ducky Dynamo’s story is proof that no matter how long you put a dream on hold, your passion will drive you towards that goal. Later, Ducky answers questions involving inspirations, cancellation and the creative process. How do you feel about cancel culture and the collaboration process? Do you consider yourself a DJ or are you making music? Will Rob leave the podcast world behind to start an affluent music career? You definitely don’t want to miss this episode! Be sure to check out Ducky Dynamo on Instagram. Listen to an earlier episode where Rob Lee interviews Lindsey Golden of the Golden Dance Experiment. Do remember to check out all the podcasts on MTR The Network includes Mastermind Team's Robcast. We're a Baltimore based podcast collective. We're here to be a voice in and around Baltimore city.