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Jun 12 2020 29 mins  
Baltimore is for Woo Woo, Baltimore is for Self-Care. Rob Lee interviews Yoshi of Santosha Well-being. Santosha (Sanskrit): contentment, peace, gratitude. These are valuable feelings that are typically missed, overlooked and confused. Yoshi possesses certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the human chakra systems, auras, trance induced meditation, psychic mediumship and various forms of divination to bridge gaps to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual relationships in myself and others. , Yoshi specializes in working with people on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Yoshi's method employs a collection of meditations and self care practices to help keep you emotionally, mentally and physically aligned Check out this interview to learn about Yoshi's story, learn more about self care and seeking spiritual guidance.