Aaron Dante of No Pix After Dark

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Feb 28 2020 45 mins  
Baltimore is for Artists, Baltimore is for creators. Rob Lee from the mighty, MTR Podcasts, is here to highlight Baltimore artists. This podcast is an opportunity to authentically highlight Baltimore artists – Getting to the truth in this art. On an all-new episode of Getting to the Truth in This Art, podcaster and Best of Baltimore nominee, Aaron Dante from the No Pix After Dark Podcast, joins Rob Lee to discuss podcasting, criticism, and how to handle the journey when it feels like you’re the only one walking the path. What does it take to create your own podcast and persevere through the tough times? Do you have content or a niche idea? How the hell do you find your voice in a saturated free radio, free-market space? The journey isn’t easy, but the good times never stop when you’re producing something you love. Rob and Aaron Dante discuss the early days of recording shows and tips on working the angles to stay relevant in a constantly changing podcast environment. Aaron Dante’s story is an inspirational reminder that good things only come with hard work, dedication, and passion. Later, Aaron Dante answers and asks some rapid-fire questions, including thoughts on local government, celebrity and where to find the best crab cakes in Baltimore. Check out No Pix After Dark here Be sure to vote for No Pix After Dark in this year’s Best of Baltimore contest! Follow Aaron Dante and No Pix After Dark on Instagram and Facebook