SJ of SJ's Herbal Bottled Infused Cocktails

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Jun 05 2020 38 mins  
Baltimore is for infused cocktails. Rob Lee interviews SJ aka Johnny Gash local drag performer and expert cocktail maker for SJ's Herbal Bottled Infused Cocktails . Rob first noticed SJ's amazing Joe Exotic look. SJ is a multi-talented artist with experience as an abstract painter, drag performer, and seasoned bartender with time at Ottobar & Metro Gallery. Also, they had a brief stint as drummer for goth band, koev halev. During this interview, SJ shares his experiences in the bar scene in Baltimore and their experience with art. Additionally, SJ produces specialized cocktails comprised of fresh fruit, fine spirits and, on occassion, CBD. Check out their drag persona, Johnny Gash, here and check out their cocktail offerings SJ's Herbal Bottle Infused Cocktails.