All Things TechIE Podcast - Episode 30

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Jul 09 2020 69 mins  
We have made it to Episode 30 of the All Things TechIE podcast! Thank you so much for all your support to our show. We couldn't do it without our fans from around the world. If this is your first time visiting our podcast. Please subscribe to us by clicking the subscribe button. If you are viewing our podcast on YouTube please click the bell button which will send you notifications of all our shows. Share this podcast with your friends! Episode 30 is a sequel to our COVID-19 response podcast which was Episode 21. In Episode 21 we never believed that we would be still discussing COVID-19 and working remotely some 4 months later! Justin Dawson is joined by: Graham Kirkpatrick - NEC (UK) Michell Loret - Mostly AV Podcast CoHost (USA) Adam Harvey - Uni of Herts (UK) Joe Way - Uni of Southern California (USA) Llanor Alleyne - AVNation.TV (USA) We discuss: COVID-19, US, UK and Irish Governments responses to unlocking states and countries Returning to the workplace - or is it? Virtual Conferences, what the panel has thought of InfoComm 2020 as a virtual conference Will we see ISE 2021 happen, if so, will we attend? Opening of Creches, Schools and Universities Will we holiday at home or abroad What does the future hold for the workplace, AV and COVID-19 To get in contact with the show: Subscribe on your favorite podcast channel Email: [email protected] Web: www.AllThingsTech.IE