Ep. 98 – Ninus Mine Degrees

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Feb 19 2021

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There is a movie that came out in 1952 called “Pony Soldier,” and in the movie, the term “Pony Soldier” is used to refer to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is also the protagonist of the film. The term also appeared in “Hondo,” a John Wayne film that came out in 1953. Other than that, “pony soldier” is an esoteric term that isn’t used much by English-speaking communities.

While in office, Trump tried to repaint Air Force One red, white and blue. Like a lot of his worst ideas, that never happened, but he did have a model of the plane that he kept in the Oval Office and that often appeared in official photos with world leaders. He apparently really liked the souvenir, because instead of leaving it behind for Biden, Trump packed it up and brought it down to Mar-a-Lago, where it’s now prominently displayed on a coffee table in the lobby.

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