Ep 2: Managing Pain w/ Mental Resilience

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Jan 22 2019 24 mins  
In this episode, I speak with someone who provides some insight on how to be there for a loved one who is experiencing pain. We dive into how to balance wanting to help these individuals in order to ease our own pain seeing them in pain and how it might be best to ignore that pain in order to keep them happy. We discuss how building a mental resilience might be the best medicine to manage pain, and opioids may not have to be the first choice. Everybody manages pain differently, and because of this, and the opioid epidemic, it is easy to stigmatize pain medication. But, like the rest of this min-series, I hope this episode helps to remove some of this stigma as well as provide an insightful way of dealing with pain. The advice given will definitely be something I try to incorporate in my life and keep in mind when I practice Pharmacy. A resilient mind + quality medical advice and therapy = a happy life near the end. Something I think we can all prescribe to our loved ones. Enjoy!