Ep. 3: EMhT: Emergency Mental Health w/ Stefan

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Mar 21 2019 90 mins  
I spent about 45 minutes on this episode description including time stamps for my longest (and I think, best) episode yet. Soundcloud failed to upload it, and the long description that I made. For now, I hope you enjoy the episode! We get more candid in this episode and talk about some disturbing cases. So listen with caution. I tried to lighten it up slightly with a commercial dealing with a topic I've struggled with recently. Sleep! The commercial around the 50 minute marker. Sit back, relax, and learn how an EMT manages his mental health when dealing with extreme situations on and off the job. If you like it, hate it, or have tips on how I can improve, leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts. Dedicated to making this something worth while. Thanks for listening and being patient. Stay healthy and don't overdose. Also follow the podcast page on IG: @overx.dose for fun memes and educational content, as well as episode updates and my experience going through Pharmacy school. With care, :DD