Ep. 4: Steps In The Right Direction w/ Areeb

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Dec 02 2019 57 mins  
In this episode I speak with Areeb, at the time, a second year Pharmacy student. We cover the changes he's helped implement at his school that have lead to tangible change for those dealing with Mental Health. We cover what my school has done, and we try to lay out step-wise how any student can go about working with their school to address Mental Health. I really hope it helps you make the changes at your school that will benefit everyone. As usual, we also candidly discuss our own struggles and how we worked around them. New incredible intro music from RxRadio (another awesome Pharmacy podcast you should listen to). Thank you so much for your support! Also, huge shout out to the podcasts very first, official, sponsored ad for a new product I think all of my listeners will enjoy and benefit from. Maybe podcasting can be a viable second source of income now. Visit www.celfcontrol.com #celfcontrol is guaranteed to make you do better on exams and is the perfect holiday gift. Use promo code: ODPOD at checkout to get 20% off your first non-refundable order. If you would like to contact Areeb directly his info is as follows: E-mail: [email protected] IG: @areeb_nagamiyan If you liked this episode, let me know by rating and reviewing it on apple podcasts, or hitting that heart button on SoundCloud. Or both. Let me know how it can improve and what you want to hear more about. And of course, #stayhealthy and don't #OVERxDOSE. With care, :DD ------------------------------------ Interested in recording an episode with me? Want to advertise on the podcast? E-mail me! [email protected] Follow me on all of the socials for fun memes, weekly quizzes on Rx things I'm studying, interesting articles, and much more. IG: @overx.dose Facebook: OveRx.Dose Podcast