Ep. 5 : Just Go For It w/ Dr. Mike Corvino (@CorConsultRx)

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Jan 24 2020 56 mins  
This marks the start of my next mini-series, and the end of my Mental Health Mini-series. (This will probably be my last mini-series for awhile since individual episodes are less time-consuming, and being a second year pharmacy student doesn't give me a whole lot of time to create structure, or eat sometimes. I'm not Wondery, and this isn't Dr. Death... it's better.) Anyways, I'll be covering everything social media, specifically focusing on Pharmacists and Pharmacy students who are using it to share what they are passionate about and connect with others in and outside of their field. In this series, I try dive deeper into origin stories behind some of the larger Pharmacy accounts, and some of the newer ones I've been lucky enough to connect with after starting this podcast. I want to learn why they built their "brands", how it's impacted them personally and professionally, what worked, what didn't, and how social media is changing the profession of Pharmacy as a whole. I hope this series will encourage others who might be interested in starting their own pages to take the first step, be successful, and avoid the pitfalls and speed bumps I, and those I interview, have personally run into. In this episode, I have the pleasure sit down with Dr. Mike Corvino, founder of @CorConsultRx. Mike was one of my inspirations for starting OVERxDOSE and one thing I wanted to expand on that he mentions on his podcast is how there is no better time than now, while in school, to start an account leverage social media in a way that brings value to others. You can tell how nervous I am in the beginning of the episode, but it was really awesome to dive deeper into this topic. We expand on some of the topics he discussed w/ Dr. Adam Martin on The Fit Pharmacist Healthcare Podcast back in 2018. It's a great lesson, and it focuses more on how you can find your angle, find what value you can bring, and use it on social media. Listen at the link below: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fit-pharmacist-healthcare-podcast/id1397266139?i=1000420923806 This episode expands on that, highlights the ups and downs that come with presenting yourself on social media, and focuses more on the personal side of all of it. As always, #stayhealthy and don't #OVERxDOSE. And stay tuned for more episodes in a shorter time frame than before. I'm actually getting better at this interviewing and scheduling them thing. With care, DD Subscribe, follow, do all of the social media things, network, connect, you name it, by connecting with Dr. Mike Corvino: IG: CorConsultRx Podcast: CorConsultRx (on all streaming platforms, subscribe if you're not already. And if you listened to this because of him, consider subscribing to me too?) FB: http://facebook.com/corconsultrx E-mail: mcorvino@corconsultrx.com Twitter: htpp://twitter.com/corconsultrx Website: http://corconsultrx.com