Ep. 6: Speak Your Pharmacy Truth w/ Norman Nguyen (@thehealthcarescholar)

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Mar 31 2020 89 mins  
I got a chance to meet and talk with Norman, the content creator behind @thehealthcarescholar. He's another 2nd year pharmacy student passionate about changing the culture of healthcare, who also launched a Podcast at his school. We connected through IG, a connection I never would've made without connecting through this platform. We decided to hit record while we discussed things ranging from how to use social media to connect directly with others, med influencers, the consequences of social media, and our experiences making a podcast. It's all about speaking your pharmacy truth. This is my most informal episode yet, so let me know what you think by rating the episode. If there's enough positive feedback I might do more episodes in this style. Make sure to follow @thehealthcarescholar on all social media (IG, FB, LinkedIn, Youtube, literally everywhere) to keep up with his healthcare podcast and and connect with @normanguuu by contacting him through his IG: @normannguuu. He's always down to connect. If you liked this episode, or have suggestions for improvements please leave a rating, and comment what you think on Apple podcasts. As always, #stayhealthy and don't #OVERxDOSE More episodes soon. With care, David Dent IG: @overx.dose FB: @Overdosepodcast T: @OVERxDOSE_MEMES