Ep. 8: Become Brand Name w/ Dr. David Vu (@drdavidvu)

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Jul 30 2020 57 mins  
In the latest episode of the Social Media mini-series, I get the chance to interview Dr. David Vu, a friend, fellow Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy alumni, previous data analyst for KitCheck, founder of the Pharmacist Informatics Academy, and has recently launched his new business Dispense as Written after becoming one of the most influential pharmacists on social media in two short years after graduating. His new business helps Pharmacists, pharmacy students, and other Healthcare workers create, build, and grow their own personal brand on social media. We dive into the ways he goes about tackling common problems healthcare professionals run into on social media, how he’s been successful throughout his career and on social media, and the mindset he has when working with clients. Thanks for listening. Stay #AWARxE🥼and Don’t #OVERxDOSE💊 With care, David Dent In this episode: - David’s nontraditional career after pharmacy school as a data Analyst at KitCheck - Founding Pharmacy Informatics Academy - How and why David started Dispense as Written and his systems approach to personal branding that he uses to help Healthcare workers and students stand out from their peers for residencies, and jobs. - Social Media and it’s increasing importance in building a network with pharmacists and other professionals colleagues - Breaking down the negative connotations of Personal Branding and how to be present yourself authenticlly. - Most common challenges new students face when developing their personal brand. - My initial experience with starting OVERxDOSE and how I wish I had Dispense as Written at the start - Balancing Professionalism in the small world of Pharmacy - How he’s helped Pharmacists Informatics Academy grow exponentially on LinkedIn, start ambassadorships, and grow it internationally. - His best success stories with one of his clients, Sagar (@coatedlikeacapsule), who, with his guidance, created his own website and is utilizing various social media platforms to drive traffic to it. - Davids Five Minds for succeeding at creating your Personal Brand. - And much more! If you enjoyed the episode, please consider leaving a rating and a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps this Podcast reach others who might be interested in listening and learning about Pharmacy in a not so boring way. Also, be be sure to check out the Dose of Support podcast after you finish this episode!