Ep 4: Jonny Benjamin

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Nov 12 2019 38 mins  

**Content Warning**
This episode contains discussion of a suicidal crisis and suicidal ideation.

Jonny Benjamin MBE is a writer, filmmaker, public speaker, and award-winning mental health campaigner. Since starting his YouTube channel in 2010, Jonny has gone on to make documentaries for BBC Three and Channel 4 and write a book about the time he was prevented from attempting suicide in 2008 by a passerby. 

He is passionate about improving mental health education and this year launched a charity called Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma with Neil Laybourn, the man who saved his life on Waterloo Bridge, which delivers talks and workshops to young people and their families and educators.

Among many things Jonny and Simon discussed: 

  • Stigma, and the impact of growing up a gay man with a mental illness in a Jewish community
  • Why we need to listen to young people about mental health, our attitudes to social media, and the need to connect with each other more
  • The challenges of busy modern life and how to properly slow down
  • How giving each other hope can save lives

Jonny's new book, The Book of Hope, will be published in 2020.

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More on Jonny:
Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma: beyondshamebeyondstigma.co.uk
The Stranger on the Bridge: amazon.co.uk/Stranger-Bridge-Journey-Despair-Hope/dp/1509846425
Jonny's YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/johnjusthuman

More on Simon: twitter.com/Simonablake
Simon Blake OBE is the Chief Executive of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England. His mission is to improve the mental health of the nation and help build an inclusive and  society where attitudes and behaviours around mental health are normalised. Simon received an OBE in 2011, is Deputy Chair at Stonewall, and enjoys running, equestrian eventing, and walks with his dog.

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