Ep 14: Linda Aiello

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Apr 23 2020 47 mins  

This series we're looking look at a new campaign by MHFA England; My Whole Self. To create mentally healthy workplaces, people need to feel safe to be their ‘whole self’ at work. So how can we create workforces, wherever that may be, where everyone has the freedom to do this? To find out, Simon has gathered leaders from across the worlds of business, sport, and more...

Our final guest of the series is Linda Aiello, Executive Vice President, Employee Success Business Partner at Salesforce. Tech giant Salesforce has regularly appeared in international best places to work lists, and Linda has been at the heart of ensuring customer and employee satisfaction. She joined Simon over a video call to discuss:

  • The importance of trust and authenticity in the workplace, particularly in the current climate, to create psychological safety
  • Why Salesforce have encouraged a remote working culture for years and the best ways to do it
  • The power of data and the ability to use it to improve workplace wellbeing, diversity and inclusion
  • Zoom calls, the new normal, and managing your mental health during lockdown

We also learned a new Hawaiian word, 'Ohana' and the fact that Linda has lived in seven countries in her lifetime! We hope you've enjoyed this series and look forward to bringing you another one some time soon.

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Simon Blake OBE is the Chief Executive of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England. His mission is to improve the mental health of the nation and help build an inclusive and  society where attitudes and behaviours around mental health are normalised. Simon received an OBE in 2011, is Deputy Chair at Stonewall, and enjoys running, equestrian eventing, and walks with his dog.

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