Impeachment / Path to ARO / Alex's Turkey Hunts w/Wayne Lach

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Jan 27 2020 51 mins  

In this weeks episode Alex, Mike and Wayne talk about the Senate Impeachment Hearings and the destruction of your dads Democratic Party, Then Alex moves right into his path to the creation of American Roots Outdoors.

Alex will discuss his start with Hunter Specialties and working with the great Tom Miranda and how he felt God asked him to reflect on his time away from his family, that in turn led to his creation of Bloodline, then to the creation of American Roots Outdoors.

Finally, Alex and Wayne Lach share some memorable Turkey Hunts that will leave you laughing, yet teach you some techniques to tag that uncooperative Tom! And, in the Bonus Segment they continue with sharing some of those early hunts that tested Wayne as a rookie Videographer!

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