The Legendary Rob Keck - From CEO of the NWTF to Director of Conservation for Bass Pro Shops

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Mar 14 2020 50 mins  

Alex, Mike and Wayne are joined by one of the greatest conservationist in history outside of President Roosevelt..... Rob Keck may have done more for Conservation and the return of the Wild Turkey than anyone else in History!

From a small town in Pennsylvania where he took his first Gobbler, to the path of creating what many consider the Greatest Conservation Group in History, to now taking the next generation down the path of conservation with Bass Pro Shops.... Rob tells it all along with some funny stories along the way.

In the Bonus segment Rob and Alex share a story of their hunt together after an Osceola in Southern Florida...... from a CAR?  Wait till you hear this one!

You can find more information on Rob Keck at the following:

email: [email protected] or call the office at 417-873-5000

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