Why call to a Turkey when you can talk to them! And Who is "Tator"?

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Apr 05 2020 53 mins  

This week Alex, Mike and Wayne will teach you to do more than sound like a Turkey! You will actually learn how to talk to them and what each call means and when to use it but first we start off talking about the condition of the wild turkey flock and the youth season....

And then, Who is "Tator"?..... Well, he is the newest member to join the American Roots Outdoors Team and you will listen as Mike Crase digs deep into Mike "Tator" Haviland's skill set and his American Roots!

Mike then has a special guest join him for more turkey talk.... Gerald Smith, Regional Director of the Ozarks Region of the Missouri Department of Conservation will explain some of the new rules pertaining to Landowner Permits and the elaborate even more on the condition of the Turkey Flocks in the Ozarks.

Finally Alex and Wayne will dive into teaching you how to actually hold a conversation with a turkey to coax them into gun range and how the ARO line of calls will produce those realistic sounds you crave!

And in the Bonus Segment you will hear Alex and Wayne continue with Turkey calling techniques and some great tips to close the distance on a hung up Gobbler!

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