Matt Dale from Dale Outdoors - Preacher, Hunter and Outdoorsman

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Aug 15 2020 49 mins  

Alex, Mike and Wayne start off with some political discussions on Covid and the Presidential race then move on to local news... Highland Trapshooting Team wins Championship!

Then they are joined by Matt Dale from Dale Outdoors. Matt talks about his upbringing as a Pastors son and what led him to becoming a Pastor himself at such an early age. He talks how his love of God has guided him to preach the gospel across the country.

We wrap up with Matt talking about the creation of Dale Outdoors and what he feels was the secret to going from unknown to exploding on YouTube with his Outdoor Videos!

In the Bonus Segment Matt shares his thoughts on what is most important during these summer months to get yourself and equipment ready for Fall Bow Season and we cover common mistakes archers do that will hurt them during that critical shot!

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