Pastor Jeff Burkhart on the attack on his 1st Amendment & Taylor Petit on the fight against the Forestry Service to keep open a beloved recreational area.

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Aug 22 2020 50 mins  

Wayne Lach and Mike "Red Bone" Crase start off discussing the Food Plot crunch time that is now upon everyone and the start of High School Football during Covid-19.

Then longtime friend, Pastor Jeff Burkhart joins is to discuss the attack on his 1st Amendment Rights while going on 100 nights of Revival. Then, after receiving threats who did the law side with?   

Avid fisherman and outdoorsman, Taylor Petit talks about his fight to keep the Watercress Spring Recreational Area located in Van Buren, MO from being closed down by the Forestry Service. This park is a staple in the community and and an important area for youth fishermen.

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