Jessica White - The founder of "Wander Woman Kansas" explains how her organization helps propel Woman into the Outdoors!

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Sep 05 2020 49 mins  

Jessica White explains how Wander Woman Kansas is based on the belief that women need to be outdoors, in nature, to discover their true self and is a platform for learning, sharing, storytelling, and connecting with other women to spend more time exploring outdoor adventures.

You will discover what drove Jessica to create Wander Woman Kansas and how her Dad and Mom molded her into the Outdoors Woman she is today. Wait until you hear about all the exciting events upcoming including a Sandhill Crane Hunt just for the ladies!

Alex, Mike and Wayne open the show updating everyone on the Fall Food Plot status and what demographic is the fastest growing in the Hunting and Outdoor industry.  Plus, Alex puts out a challenge to other TV Shows!

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