Anyone can grow a peach or plum tree. The cure for bitter cucumbers.

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Jul 14 2020 29 mins  

Looking for easy-to-grow fruit trees, loaded with tasty  fruit, every summer? It’s hard to beat peaches and plums. Today we talk with fruit tree expert Phil Pursel of Dave Wilson Nursery about the delicious choices available. For peaches, try the O'Henry, Harken, the Donut Peach, Red Baron, Contender, Elberta, Babcock, Garden Gold. For plums, it would be the Weeping Santa Rosa, Burgundy, Emerald Beaut. And we touch upon the plum crosses,  pluots and pluerries. For best results, especially to maintain tree vigor, use organic fruit tree fertilizers because of their lower dosages of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Control peach leaf curl with dormant season sprays. For more fruit tree selections, how-to videos and where to find the nursery nearest to you that carries Dave Wilson Nursery fruit trees - visit

Also: our favorite college horticulture professor, Debbie Flower, takes the bitterness out of cucumbers. Grow them in full sun and choose hybrid cucumber varieties such as Diva, Sweet Success, Cool Breeze, Summer Dance, Improved Long Green, Eversweet, Ashley, Sunnybrook, Saticoy Hybrid, and Lemon.

We are burp-free on this, episode 28 of Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. And we will do it all in under 30 minutes.
p.s. That's the Garden Gold peach in bloom in the picture.

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