040 Who's Eating My Tomatoes? Part 2. Barn Owl Basics.

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Aug 25 2020 27 mins  

We continue our conversation with retired horticulture professor Debbie Flower about the critters that are munching on your backyard tomatoes. Last time, we discussed the smaller pests: hornworms, fruit worms, fruit beetles, snails, slugs, earwigs. This time we tackle the larger interlopers who are getting into your tomatoes: rats, squirrels, birds, possum, raccoons, and, of course, deer.
Plus, we talk with farm advisor Rachael Long about inviting an eager rodent hunter onto your property…barn owls...if you’ve got the room.

"Deer in My Garden" (Controlling deer with unappetizing plants) by Carolyn Singer
"Managing Deer Damage" from the University of Maryland
"Low Cost Fence keeps Deer Out" From Good fruit Grower magazine.

Bird Netting for Garden Protection from Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply

Garden Animal Tracks Guide
Earwig Control Tips
Tree Squirrel Control Tips
Ground Squirrel Control Tips
Possum Control Tips
Gopher Control Tips
Rat Control Tips
Vole, Meadow Mice Control Tips

Snail, Slug Control Tips
Pet-safe Slug, Snail control products
Copper Barriers for snail, slug control

“Songbird, Bat and Owl Boxes” book info:
Barn owl nest box plans
Using barn owls for rodent control
More Info on songbirds, bats, and owls

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