Pride Edition 3-Dr. Tonia Poteat: The Beloved Community & Taking the Time to Rest

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Jun 16 2020 29 mins  

Tonia Poteat, PhD, PA-C, MPH, is Assistant Professor of Social Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as core faculty in the UNC Center for Health Equity Research. Dr. Poteat’s research, teaching, and practice have focused on HIV and LGBT health disparities with particular attention to the health and well-being of transgender communities. Find more about Dr. Poteat here  And find more of her work here

In this podcast we talk about the courage, strength and safety needed to be your authentic  self in a stigmatizing world. We discuss stigma and its effects among transgender people, and the historical and current effects of racism. We talk about having a vision for building a functioning, healthy, loving, equitable and just society. We also discuss the importance of beloved community, collective work (and rest) inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock's 'Ella's Song'.

Episode hosted by Dr. Carmen Logie. Original music and podcast produced by Cozmic Cat. Supported by funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation(CFI) and Canada Research Chairs program.