Pride Edition 7: Dr. Nadine Nakamura: Broadening Conversations of LGBT Lives, Power, and Celebrating Small Wins

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Jul 16 2020 43 mins  

Dr. Nadine Nakamura is a Professor of Psychology at the University of LaVerne and a licensed psychologist. She is committed to understanding the unique needs of multiple minorities, LGBT immigrants and asylum seekers, as well as LGBT international issues. Dr. Nakamura co-edited a book recently, alongside myself, published by the American Psychological Association on LGBTQ Mental Health: International Perspectives and Experiences.

Nadine talks about how stigma can look like omission, and the need to amplify voices on the periphery. Nadine discusses the importance of broadening the conversation of what LGBTQ mental health looks like outside of North America. She talks about LGBT asylum seekers' experiences navigating multiple marginalized identities and finding spaces of acceptance. Nadine discusses how parents can first get comfortable talking about racism, as that will help them have these conversations with their children, and how these conversations need to address power. She also talks about the need for rest to sustain ourselves over the long game. We discuss the importance of celebrating the small wins, loosening the grip of productivity, and the personal project of stopping oppressing ourselves.

Episode hosted by Dr. Carmen Logie. Original music and podcast produced by Cozmic Cat. Supported by funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs program.