Ep. 49 | Bucket List Trips

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Jul 09 2020 64 mins  

In today’s episode, Friends Brian, Jim S and Tony discuss their ever- evolving Bucket List for travel. “The Bucket List” dynamics is different for each traveler. A Bucket list regarding travel is a list of great places around the world that we can only dream of going to, and if we get that one opportunity, then that is where we would go. When we first began traveling, we had the normal bucket list items, like Paris (Eifel Tower, Versailles, The Louvre, Notre Dame, etc.) or London (Big Ben, Tower of London, etc.) once we were lucky enough to get to these iconic places, on numerous trips, our Bucket List did not disappear, it grew! We had become “Travel Addicts” and like any addict you are looking for the next “High” and because of that, the next great trip is always being planned, and with so many amazing places around the world, The Bucket List grows and can never be complete.

Past Bucket List Trips- The Friends have been very fortunate to have gone on numerous trips that have been considered Bucket List Trips. We discuss “Running with Bulls” in Pamplona Spain, Riding Camels in the Sahara Desert and then camping that night with a  Berber Tribe, Seeing the Northern Lights 200 miles above the Arctic Circle in Norway, visiting the sacred Angor Wat temples in Cambodia and attending Octoberfest in Munich.

In addition to visiting iconic cities and structures like we mentioned in Paris and London above, seeing the canals in Venice and Amsterdam, celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin or bringing in the New Year in Bangkok, the friends have been a lot of places.  Listen to the episode to hear of all the bucket list places the friends have travelled to.

Second Cities- Rick Steves mentions going to the second cities in a country….. for instance, in France Paris is the big draw, but going to Leon or the Boudreaux region can make for some fantastic trips. So, we discussed what places had we gone to, thinking one place was the “Bucket List” item and found something else just as amazing. In Pamplona, we did a day trip to San Sebastian, and would recommend it to anyone. Going to Greece and visiting the Acropolis in Athens, but then visiting the island of Santorini was incredible. Listen to the episode to hear the rest of the great places we discovered.

3 New Bucket Lists- each friend on today’s podcast made a new or updated list. Some items listed mentioned Outer Space, Visiting all The Wonders of the World and King’s Day. To hear the entire list’s download the podcast or read the transcript below.