Sin & Evil - Maybe What They Told You Was Wrong

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Oct 04 2020 11 mins  

Originally the Bible was written in Greek. It was then translated into Hebrew for the Old Testament and into Latin for the New Testament. The Greek used was actually an international Greek different than Classical Greek. I call this vendor Greek like vendor English, a close replica of the original language but without the nuances and complexities of the original.  Later the Bible would be re-translated into various languages often being corrupted because there were no accurate words into the new language to match the original Greek.

Bibles were also politically influenced by the national faction that hired the translation. For instance, the King James Bible was translated at the behest of King James of England in 1610 C.E. King James’s approval was required before publication. 

These corruptions have caused many misunderstandings by those who rely on its veracity. As societies change our ability improves to break off from the common doctrines and dogmas that have prevented alternative, and perhaps more accurate, re-translations of the Bible as we continue to seek the truth. Today’s podcast redefines sin and evil.