When the World Ended

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Nov 01 2020 10 mins  

In this episode I discuss the misapprehension that the world will end in some "Rapture" or Armageddon described in the Book of Revelation. The world already ended. We live in a new world brought about by the dissolution of the Old Covenant (contract) and the signing by God and enacting of a New Covenant (contract) with all humanity. Here in this episode are my thoughts on the matter. Your thoughts are welcome too. 

I apologize for any resemblance my wording presents as insulting to practicing Jews. I have never thought of myself as anti-Semitic. This is the first time I have put these thoughts down. I cringed at the way some of what I say here sounded. Unfortunately, these words represent as best I am able what I have been thinking.  I welcome your thoughts on how I can say what I believe and not be offensive.