Ep.8: The War of the Spark Part 2

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Oct 22 2019 45 mins  

Our heroes stand in awe as they realize legendary dragon Nicol Bolas has brought war to Ravnica. Outmatched, for now all they can do is run and survive. Amidst the chaos, they must defend the helpless against those with no mercy, both foreign and Ravnican. 

Some tips we learned in this episode:

  • Scott! Turn on your microphone!
  • Opposed Skill checks don’t get crits. Houserule it if you want, but be consistent.
  • You can give two or three tries on skills, but assign a cost with each failure. Don't let it go on forever.
  • Gotta keep track of these named NPC contacts, it’s hard, but worth it. 

What does Yarven really want to be? Maybe there is a change his future, Stay tuned!

Magic the Gathering cards mentioned: 

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