Ep22: Checking In With My 2020 Goals

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Mar 26 2020 76 mins  

In this week’s episode, I’m looking back at my goals and resolutions I made for 2020 and discussing where I'm excelling and the areas I need to improve on. With the unique situation our world is facing now, I find myself struggling to stay on course and keep pushing on with my goals and daily to-do list, so this was a nice reminder to show me how much motivation I had at the start of 2020, and to remind myself that I can’t just lay down and give up. I also finish up with a new Word of the Week and a #SamSquad Q&A. Please take care of yourself! 

The Prompts (started by Jen Atkin)

I want to start

I want to learn

I want to try

I want to continue to

I want to quite

I want to be

I want to have

I was going to stop



Boho Beautiful 



Fit On

Down Dog


Self-Sabotage Episode #16


Smart Women Finish Rich – David Bach


The Automatic Millionaire  - David Bach



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Word of the week – Perseverance 


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