The uncomfortable truth about privilege

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Jun 13 2020 18 mins  

Hate is our defence mechanism, to help us retreat back to feeling safe and comfortable, because we may not understand something completely.

Love takes work, trust, vulnerability, learning, the ability to step outside your comfort zone in order to grow and build. Love is the greater reward here.

There is no easy way to build trust, without a extreme amount of empathy, compassion, and challenging yourself to learn others perspective, before you feel your own.

We forget people who are asking for help, are asking because no one has yet to see their struggle and they themselves have exhausted all their own efforts to find safety. There is no right way to ask, but rather there is accepting the problem, and working towards a solution. We are often times too quick to judge people for how they ask for help, an unintentional act of putting yourself over others. When being asked for help, do the work and help. They are asking for help, not you.

Put trust out there, put effort out there, we dont always know the answer, but thats ok. If we stop putting up our defence mechanism to retreat to safety and just listen, break down our own walls, and feel uncomfortable, the solution maybe easier then the resistance we cause.

The power is within. Challenge yourself to find it. You are the solution. Are you going to do the work?

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