The Life-Changing Magic of Personal Branding

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Nov 17 2019 22 mins  

Welcome to the very first episode of The Personal Branding Project! Before we get stuck into the "how" of personal branding, I thought it was important to lay some foundations about what personal branding really is (beyond the obvious), why it's not just for celebrities and influencers, and how it has the power to change not just your career or business, but your life as a whole.

As someone who has worked in all sorts of jobs from musical theatre to real estate, and went from being an employee to a freelancer to a business owner, I've experienced what a personal brand (or lack thereof) can do for your career. I've also spent years learning about personal branding the slow and hard way and now I've figured it out, I'm here to give you some short-cuts.

I really hope you enjoy the episode and start to get excited about how you can start getting more intentional with your own personal brand so you can do what I've done and create a life around getting paid to do the things you love!

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