Backstories, Brand Stories + One-Liners... Oh my!

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Feb 06 2020 34 mins  

If you've ever struggled to write your own content, explain what you do or introduce yourself with confidence... you might be missing one of 3 brand fundamentals that I'm talking about today.

Your backstory, your brand story (whether for a personal brand or a "business" brand) and a one-liner or elevator pitch are all foundations of brand building that so many of us skip because they seem like they're a bit dry or too much work.

Today I'm going to share...

  • My own failure to use them (and what it cost me)
  • What each of these 3 things are and where you'll use them
  • How to create the right balance of personal and professional in your backstory
  • The brand story framework that changed the course of my business
  • And an example of how to write a memorable one-liner

Grab a notepad and pen because this episode is jam-packed!

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