How LinkedIn, journalling + imperfect action took Ruby from side hustle to six figures feat. Ruby Lee

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Feb 25 2020 48 mins  

When you think of LinkedIn there's a good chance you think of stuffy CEOs, serious headshots and the corporate life so many of us have worked so hard to escape. And yet my guest today - who has built a profitable personal brand thanks to LinkedIn - is nothing of the sort.

Bubbly, colourful, outside the box and obsessed with all things journalling and law of attraction, Ruby Lee has proven that it pays to show up as YOU on LinkedIn and stay true to your own values, despite what everyone else is doing.

Today's episode is full of so much gold including...

  • how Ruby managed to build her now 6 figure biz from just a side hustle
  • how she leveraged the power of video (even though it terrified her)
  • how having fun on and being real on LinkedIn led to life-changing opportunities
  • what journalling has done to help her manifest her dream life
  • and practical advice on how to build your own brand from scratch

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