Why Kate Toon is the Britney Spears of SEO (and How She Can Tell if You've "Got it"... or Not!) feat. Kate Toon

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Mar 03 2020 39 mins  

As well as being a successful entrepreneur, online educator, speaker, coach, author AND podcaster, Kate Toon is someone who tells it like it is. Today's interview is no different. From the realities of building a brand from scratch to dealing with negative comments and why she believes everyone should become the Britney Spears of their niche (and what her "Toxic" is) -- this ep is full of priceless wisdom, inspiration and a few laughs.

Whether you're a freelancer, side-hustler, experienced biz owner, or not even sure what you're doing yet... this episode is going to provide you with priceless mindset shifts, practical tips on building your brand, plus the encouragement to know that you're enough as you are. So what are you waiting for? Start listening!

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