The Truth About "Overnight Success" & What it Really Took to Build a Profitable Brand from Scratch feat. Anita Siek

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Mar 17 2020 44 mins  

If you're getting sick of supposed overnight success stories and entrepreneurs saying, "One day everything just clicked and got so much easier!" then this is the episode for you.

Anita Siek is the real deal. Lawyer turned copywriter with 3 brands of her own (Wordfetti, Brandfetti and her personal brand), she has built a profitable business from scratch and made a name for herself in a competitive niche in a relatively short period of time. But she's also the first to admit that it's not been easy, she works crazy hours, and she questions what she's doing on the regular!

In today's episode, we dive into...

  • How she strategically moved from law to copywriting by side hustling
  • The activities that moved the needle the most for her when she was starting out
  • Her number 1 "secret" ingredient for success
  • The daily rollercoaster that is being your own boss (but why it's worth it)
  • Her advice for anyone at the very beginning of the journey
  • The importance of knowing your worth and charging accordingly

And SO much more practical advice, inspiration and real talk from someone who leads by example. So stop reading and start listening! ;)

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