How to Adjust Your Messaging During a Crisis

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Apr 01 2020 35 mins  

You already know that the world has gone topsy turvy, so I'm not here to talk about that. But I am here to give you some encouragement and guidance when it comes to knowing how to "show up" for your audience right now.

So many of my students and clients have spoken to me about how they're freaking out about what to do next, what to say, whether they should go silent... the list goes on. And I get it. It took me more than a week to finally record this episode because I had the same voices in MY head.

But as you'll soon hear, there's more than one reason we need to keep moving forward right now (even if it means making some adjustments) and there is a right way and wrong way to approach your offers and messaging. So if you want to know what they are... start listening!

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