Ep 4. Leading remote teams during a crisis (episode 2)

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Mar 31 2020 44 mins  

You lead a team. One day you leave the office and tell everyone "see you tomorrow".

But overnight the world changes, and you find that you all won't be working together for a significant period.

But they're still looking for you to leadership.

My guest today has experienced this not once, but twice in his career.

The first was in 2013 when a major earthquake resulted in the corporate office where he was based being uninhabitable for a significant period

The second was in 2016 when it happened again, this time with the building condemed.

In both instances, teams went from being co-located to distributed across a city.

About the Speaker
My guest is Aaron Toatelegese, a technology professional with over 20 years experience and most recently the Chief Technology Officer at Bank of New Zealand for the last 7 years.

A strong believer that ‘people AND leadership’ are the key ingredient to managing a crisis.

During his tenure he has experienced numerous technology incidents, led Technology teams during the GFC and been part of the Earthquake Response teams during the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes.

We talk about how to lead a team circumstances mean that they are now working remotely

My career in technology started at BNZ and I spent most of it working indirectly for Aaron, but had the pleasure to work alongside him a number of incidents.

We do make a few references to those times in this episode, hence the "we" throughout.