Ep 7. Artificial Intelligence : It won't take your job (but it might become your boss) - Tim Warren

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Apr 20 2020 59 mins  

Artificial Intelligence will take our job!

Won't it?


The truth is more diverse than that.

It won't take our jobs, but it might become our boss.

In this episode Tim Warren and I explore what is meant by AI, what you need to do to incorporate it into your business, and go into some of the challenges we are facing.

About the guest

Tim Warren is CEO and Co-Founder of Ambit - the conversational AI platform powering many of New Zealand's leading Digital employees such as with Vector, Glassons and Noel Leeming.

He's a former developer and has also worked in Finance sector with Goldman Sachs and JBWere. He's also an investor in a range of early stage tech companies.