Ep 8. Knowledge is Power. Skills are Assets

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Apr 28 2020 56 mins  

Skill vs Knowledge. What's the difference, and what does it matter to your tech team?

Having the right roles, and the right people in them, is very important to the success of your business.

Did you know that there is a framework that can help you?

In this episode we explore all this, and more!

About the guest:
My guest today is Daniel Merriott, an experinced IT consultant who's 20 years includes a variety of roles - from the BBC to NZ where Daniel works with clients large and small to enable digital transformation and to build a modern view of digital capability for forward looking organisations using tools like SFIA – the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

Daniel helps organisations understand digital skills, through skills assessment for IT professionals, team design and transformation planning – a role that uniquely combines Daniel’s passions in technology, people and business change.

In his current capacity Daniel is the Managing Director at Partner Consulting and the Director of Digital Capability at IT Professionals NZ.