Ep 9. Making The Most of Emerging Technology

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May 05 2020 50 mins  

There is no doubt that technology is one of the key differences between now and previous global pandemics

 It's helped us:

  •  Stay informed
  • Be productive
  • Be entertained

Compare that to the 1918 flu - information sharing was limited to the radio or print media.

Today we can all get an alert on our phone at the same time. 

And technology is ever changing, there is always an evolution and with it comes the next big thing.

But what is that?

It's hard to predict because it depends on a range of factors.

Like the company, the customer experience, or use case.

And the current climate accelerated everything

What analysts were predicting would emerge in 5 years is emerging now. 

Companies are faced with two choices:

Cut costs, contract, and survive. Or take this as an opportunity to thrive. 

Which one will you be?

In this episode, I take some time with Eduard Liebenberger to explore this more 

About my guest

 Who is Eduard? He describes himself as having been a bit all over the show over the past 15 years, leaving Austria to live in Wellington, then moving back across the world to Frankfurt, hanging out in the Mediterranean for a while on the Rock of Gibraltar before coming back home to Christchurch. One thing however has never changed: exploring and finding real-world applications for emerging technologies.

Since returning to New Zealand Eduard has joined Jade Software as their CTO and the AI Forum NZ as a member of the Executive Council. He's been active in the public, using everything in his toolbox to make AI and other emerging technologies more approachable and interesting to the wider public.