Ep 12: Improve Your Decision Making With the Help of a Digital Twin

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May 26 2020 63 mins  

What if you had the ability to build a test environment to help you identify where and how your business needs to change.

Something which allowed you to model the business and identify:

  • Who was doing what
  • Which systems they were using
  • How information impacted their output.

And then provided the most important things for you to focus on?

With a digital twin for your organisation, that's exactly what you can have.

A digital twin provides a representative model of how your business operates which means you can interact with the model and guide better decision making.

Because gut based decisions don't drive better outcomes

In today's episode, I talk with Neil Calvert about digital Twins.

About my gust:

Neil Calvert is the CEO and Co-Inventor of the LINQ platform at LINQ Ltd. LINQ is an infonomics enabled Digital Twin platform, helping business leaders and their advisors who are loosing sleep over the stress of authorising change they do not understand, to gain the knowledge needed to make evidence-based decisions faster than ever before and effectively communicate the impact on people, systems and finances to everyone in the business. With a background in spatial information, helping organisations create increased value utilising the information asset has seen Neil’s career evolve from mapping the globe to mapping the organisation. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Neil enables companies and partners around the world to accelerate their digital transformation using the Digital Twin of the Organisation. Outside of work, Neil is a keen cook and practises Shaolin Kempo and Tai Chi.