Ep 14. If you can't give certainty through change, give clarity

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Jun 22 2020 53 mins  

If there is one thing that we can bank on, it's that Change is constnat 

And we also know that people will react in different ways to change. Uncertainty, confusion, and the age old question of "What's in it for me?" will play a role in how each person reacts to change. 

Which is why the messages you send around change are importnat

You need to respect boundaries, and be aware that the things we say (and sometimes the things we don't) will matter. 

And it's never the big things that catch you out, it's often the small things and if you get it wrong it is very hard to walk it back. 

So how to you get this right - especially when trying to deal with competing outcomes?

Focusing on the outcomes you are trying to achieve, even when they might be in competition with each other,  is a critical step

Elimating Jargon is also important, keep the message clear, concise, and void of any confusion.

But what does a SCARF have to do with change? 

My guest today is a good friend and former colleague, Christy Law. 

Once upon a time Christy wanted to be an Astronaut. And like Apollo 13, she knows that in change, it’s not the big things that you need to watch out for, but the little things - or the things that seem little - that turn into the big surprises. An experienced change leader, Christy is a go-to for her pragmatic approach and her passion for building the next generation of changelings.

In today's episode we discuss the approachs to good change .