Ep 15. Unplugging the Potential of the Electric Ferry

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Jun 29 2020 68 mins  

Electric ferries.

What's the first thing that popped into your head? 

Perhaps it was limited range
Boats running around with a long extension cable
Or significant downtime while the boat recharged
Or more expensive boats?

How about this though:

Quieter journeys
Less operational pollution
Fewer boats needed to meet the same demand
No downtime while boats recharge
A fleet that is dynamically managed to suit passenger demand

A different viewpoint right?

That last one is particularly relevant - despite a significant population increase, Auckland has only recently got back to the levels of public transport utilisation that we saw in the 1950s

But some of our infrastructure is in need of an upgrade, and the answer is electric ferries 

Because Public transport is no longer for people who don't have a car

And it doesn't just benefit Auckland 

My guest today is Michael Eaglen. Together we talk about the techonological advances that make electric ferries not only possible, but the right choice.

Michael Eaglen is co-founder of EV Maritime, a New Zealand maritime technology business focused on a zero emission and low emission future for the inshore commercial maritime industry.  

Electrification and hybridisation is the fastest-growing sector in the global maritime industry and EV Maritime has found the niche in which to deploy New Zealand’s best specialised expertise.  EV Maritime takes the best of world-leading New Zealand talent, spanning America’s Cup designers, internationally-respected structural and electrical engineers, multi-award-winning boat builders and pioneering propulsion innovators and focuses their collective efforts on decarbonising the harbour cities of the world.  

Their first project is electric fast ferries: they have developed ferries which can fully electrify the whole of the Auckland Transport fleet and, they believe, cement a vast global export opportunity perfectly-suited to the best strengths of the New Zealand marine industry.