Ep 17. When the cost of doing nothing is too great

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Jul 15 2020 57 mins  

That system your business has been using for 20 years... how good is it?

Sure, it might be working, but is it working well? And does it allow you to run your business in the most effective, efficient, and economic manner?

Technology has evolved to the point we can do what we want from anywhere in the world, but many still don’t invest to enable that

Just like how we change our cars to suit our lifestyle, or our cell phones to get the better model, businesses should be upgrading their tech to ensure it is fit for purpose - it is no longer possible just to make do,. 

The technology is there, how businesses choose to use it will differentiate them from their competitors.

We've seen the evidence of this through recent events- those companies which had moved to modern systems were able to recover faster.

Those that are still on legacy systems didn't. 

My guest today is Sam Mitchell, and together we talk about upgrading and maintenance of technology and the impact it has on your business.